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Ian Everard Ark Silver Gold Osmium: Only Physical Gold and Silver Will Protect You

This interview delves into the perspectives and experiences of Ian Everard of Ark Silver Gold Osmium, a precious metals specialist, discussing the current state and future of financial systems, currency debasement, and precious metals. Ian predicts increased financial repression and currency debasement in the United States, including new taxes. The conversation shifts to the physical market for precious metals, highlighting recent buying trends and the influence of market volatility on retail investors. Ian shares his journey from construction to precious metals, driven by concerns over fiat currency and the banking system. He emphasizes silver as a simple, effective means for ordinary people to preserve wealth. The dialogue then explores the potential shift towards digital currencies and the implications for the dollar. Additionally, Ian introduces osmium, detailing its rarity, properties, and applications in jewelry. The interview covers Ian’s business operations, his advice for buying precious metals, and how to contact him for purchases.

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Prepare for Impact – Bob Moriarty Warns of Black Swans

Global Financial Instability, Geopolitical Conflict, and Future Risks: An In-Depth Discussion

In this episode, Bob Moriarty of and Andy delve deep into the precarious state of global finances and geopolitical tensions that threaten the stability of the U.S. dollar and world peace. They discuss China’s significant sale of U.S. treasuries, the U.S. allowing the EU to seize billions in interest from Russian holdings, and the potential consequences of escalating liquidities in the banking sector. The conversation covers the impending risks of a nuclear conflict involving Israel, the possible outcomes of the Russia-Ukraine war, the strained relations with China over Taiwan, and the moral and strategic failures of current global policies. They also touch on internal U.S. issues such as misinformation, the leadership crisis, and potential civil unrest. The experts conclude by emphasizing the importance of natural resources in contrast to debt-based economies, pointing out the looming dangers of unprecedented debt levels.

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The Truth Behind My Bullish Stance by Jayant Bhandari

In this episode, Andrew discusses with Jayant Pandari the significant shifts in their Chinese investment portfolio, which has seen a tremendous rise of 50-70% in the past two months. They delve into the private sector’s performance in China, contrasting it with state-owned enterprises. Jayant elaborates on the geopolitical backlash he faces for his views, particularly from woke communities and Indian diaspora in North America. They touch upon China’s economic struggle, property market slump, and increasing demand for gold. Furthermore, they critically analyze East Asia’s (China, Japan, and Korea) resilience, homogeneous culture, and law-based societies. The conversation also broaches topics on U.S. Army’s current focus and potential for conflict between China and the U.S., with a cautious optimism towards East Asia’s future. Join Andrew and Jayant as they unpack these complex and critical dynamics shaping the global investment landscape.

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Gold Market Breakout: Inside Marc Faber and Andy’s Discussion

Gold Market Insights with Dr. Marc Faber: Unveiling Current Trends and Future Predictions

In this episode, renowned economist Dr. Marc Faber shares his comprehensive insights on the current trends in the gold and silver markets. Dr. Faber discusses the significance of the recent breakout in precious metals, the impact of liquidity and inflation, and the complexities of global economic conditions. He also touches on the behavior of central banks, investing strategies for resource stocks, and the role of cryptocurrency in the monetary system. With a deep dive into potential future scenarios and the evaluation of asset values, this interview provides a thorough analysis for investors and market enthusiasts.

Dr. Marc Faber is publisher and Editor of Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. Please see link below:

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Unveiling Rick Rule’s Most Desired Assets

In this insightful conversation, veteran investor Rick Rule shares his thoughts on the current investment landscape for 2024, focusing on commodities like gold and uranium. He discusses the dichotomy between gold prices and gold stocks, the importance of owning well-researched, high-quality junior stocks, and the value of royalty companies. Rick also dives into his preferred investment strategies, the profound influence of seasoned industry teams, and his optimism for the years ahead despite potential economic downturns. The discussion also covers his upcoming Natural Resource Investment Symposium, highlighting its unparalleled quality and value for attendees.

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Justin Huhn Uranium Insider: A Big Move Ahead in the Uranium Market?

In this episode, Andy and Justin discuss the current state and future outlook of the uranium market. They delve into the recent price fluctuations, the differences between the spot and term markets, and the role of utilities in driving demand. They also explore the impact of global events such as the invasion of Ukraine and the shift towards clean energy on the uranium sector. Justin shares his insights on the expected quiet period in the uranium market and forecasts a potential big move later in the year. Stay tuned for detailed analysis and expert opinions on what’s driving the uranium market in 2023.

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The Gold and the Gold Stock Set Up is Almost Too Good To Be True: Bob Miner Dynamic Traders

In this insightful episode, we dive into the world of stock market trends during election years with expert Bob Miner. Discussing his new book, ‘The Definitive Guide to the U.S. Election Cycle and Stock Market Trends,’ Bob provides valuable data and analysis on how the stock market typically behaves in election years. We explore pivotal topics such as the significance of the first-quarter bias, how historical patterns can inform current market strategies, and the relationship between the U.S. dollar and gold. Bob also shares practical tips on market corrections, trade strategies, and leveraging Elliott Wave analysis for better trading decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a market enthusiast, this episode offers crucial insights into navigating and capitalizing on election year market trends.

Robert Miner began his career in the mid-80’s with his first company, Gann-Elliott Educators, where he produced analysis reports for the major financial markets and presented live workshops in the U.S. and overseas. In the mid-90’s he founded Dynamic Traders Group to provide market analysis and trade strategy reports, practical trade education and developed his Dynamic Trader Software.

Robert wrote the first self-study trading course in 1989 where he expanded on and integrated the work of W.D. Gann, R.N. Elliott and his own unique approach to Fib time and price target strategies into his own comprehensive and original approach to multiple time frame time, price, pattern and momentum trade strategies.

Robert’s first book, Dynamic Trading, was named the “Trading Book of the Year” by the SuperTraders Almanac and he was named the 1997 “Guru of the Year”. His book, High Probability Trading Strategies, has been one of the consistently top selling trading books since its release in 2008. It has become a must-read classic trading book of practical trade strategies.
Robert is recognized as one of the few trading educators with an actual multi-year record of trading success. In 1993, he won first place in an annual real-time, real-money trading contest for futures. In more recent years, he has demonstrated the effectiveness of his practical trade strategies with audited returns and awards five consecutive years for real time trading contests with double and triple digit annual returns for the futures and forex markets.

Traders from over 30 countries subscribe to his DT Report and have studied his Dynamic Trading Master Course, a complete course of practical trading instruction for all actively traded markets.
The Definitive Guide to the Election Cycle and Stock Market Trends is Robert’s most recent book and includes real world, practical application for stock market traders.

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